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Vintage farmhouse decor for above kitchen cabinets

That space…YOU know …that dreaded space above your kitchen cabinets? The forgotten soffit that we dream of looking like a page from one of our favorite magazines…BUT,what do we put up there and where do you start?! Here’s a list of 60+ items and ideas that may help you create that space you’ve always wanted!

I know…we’ve ALL seen (or have) the random basket or lonely vase sitting up there…  sparse…maybe outdated and sadly just plain and boring! I certainly understand that some folks just don’t have the knack or the eye for decorating … Especially large spaces….and this can be tricky one! What are you supposed to do with a space that’s anywhere 5-10 feet long and about 2 foot in height…Let’s not forget that it’s also 6 to 8 feet off the floor!

I’m in the midst of painting AND redecorating my kitchen and I too wanted to change up my kitchen decor… So, like most of you I started my hunt for fab Pins and ideas on Pinterest® Well, I think for the first time ever… I can honestly say my search didn’t provide me with a whole lot of inspiration or ideas… NONE to be honest! Well,nothing that really spoke to me… I like stuff … I like decorative pieces that say who I am and add character and personality to my home. I’m not a clean line,modern style or geometric type decorator in any way whatsoever… so if that’s the kind of help you’re looking for in your decor you may be seriously disappointed in my post..(wink)!!!

As you look over the list and gather your items think about your own personal items that you could use in your decor.I always try to give my decor a little personality and charm by using things that mean something to me. For example…I use my Grandfathers old kerosene lantern from when he was a coal miner in my decor and although nobody else knows the story behind it,I do and it makes me happy knowing it was his and it’s not stuffed away in storage somewhere. Maybe you have an old wooden or metal toolbox that was a grandfathers or uncles that you could use too?  How about Grandmas serving platter that you may only use once a year for holidays? Those types of things would be a perfect way for you to add personality to your kitchen decor!And if or when your friends or family compliment your new decor you can point out your keepsakes and share those stories with them… They’ll LOVE it and so will you!❤️

Vintage Farmhouse decor

The 60+ List


2) Plants

3) Mirrors

4) Watering Cans

5) Crocks

6) Old windows

7) Ladders – laying sideways

8) Washboards

9) Enamelware

10) Galvanized buckets or tubs

11) Glass Bottles,jars or old glass milk jugs

12) Vintage metal signs- old or new

13) Canisters

14) Platters or trays

15) Shutters

16) Old metal tins – Chip tins work really well

17) Metal baby scales

18) License Plates

19) Vintage Metal fans

20) Flags

21) Wood pulleys

22) Vases

23) Candle holders or sconces

24) Wicker baskets

25) Vintage style toys- Marble tracks work great!

26) Old childrens chairs/doll furniture

27) Apothecary jars

28) Framed pictures/artwork

29) Barnwood works well as a background

30) Metal locker baskets

31) Birdhouses

32) Birdcages

33) Lights,lamps and lanterns

34) Clocks

35) Garden tools

36) Vintage suitcases

37) Old dresser drawers

38) Architectural pieces or salvage

39) Pitchers

40) Wood crates

41) Soda boxes

42) Decorative Frames -great for backgrounds

43) Vintage ceramic planters

44) Clay pots

45) Chalkboards

46) Benches or old step stools

47) Vintage globes or light fixtures

48) Old runner sleds

49) Antlers

50) Galvanized minnow buckets

51) Berry garlands

52) Strands of white lights

53) Small shelves – great to display your collections

54) glass kerosene bottles

55) vintage metal fire extinguishers

56) Vintage small kitchen appliances ( mixers)

57) Metal egg baskets

58) Wood tool box

59) Cake Stands

60) Initials or old marquee letters

61) Wine racks/bottles

Here are a few other tips that may also help you tackle that soffit!!!

Garden themed decor for above kitchen cabinets


Create a theme-

This is where you can add personality to your kitchen and get creative with your decor! Create a grouping of things that go together… Things that you actually like! Here are a few examples of themes that may help you!

Farmhouse – Use barnwood, old windows,pulleys,galvanized items

Cottage chic-Statues,decorative frames,glass bottles,milk glass chandelier crystals

Garden theme- Use clay pots,old garden tools nested in a old scrapple tin,watering cans

Beach or Nautical theme- minnow bucket,oars,old buoys,old fishing rods,metal signs

Bird theme- birdcage,birdhouse,inexpensive statues, binoculars, nests,figurines from the dollar store could work great here too!( If you don’t like the color they are simply spray paint them white or any color to match your decor!)

Bird themed kitchen decor

Add Height-

You may need to give your decorative items a little boost while they’re on display up there… We certainly don’t want them to disappear! Try using small wood blocks or books,as long as no one can see them! Easels work great for platters,plates and pictures.Try using larger background items such as windows, screens,ladders or pieces of barn wood for height and a pop of color.


Add Fillers-

I love using plants as fillers when I decorate. I really like using the typical philodendron houseplant for above my kitchen cabinets.They’re easy to grow,found pretty much anywhere and DON’T need a lot of care,which may be a good choice if you’re looking to fill in with plants and don’t have a green thumb! If you’re using a watering can,basket,drawer etc in your new decor try nesting a small potted plant inside of it,allowing it to trail out over.You could also use a vase in the same way to propagate cuttings from your philodendrons to start rooting a few new plants.The plants will give you a little bit more height as well!

Little white lights… You bet! I love having them above my cabinets…They give my kitchen such a warm cozy glow… Use them if you can …you won’t be sorry! Berry garlands are a good filler too and a good way to add a little color.


Get Creative-

If you’re lucky enough to find a beautiful rooster statue at a flea market or a tiny ceramic bird at the Dollar Store but aren’t in love with the color that it is …CHANGE it! Simply spray paint it a color that you like. I paint just about everything white but you can paint your new found treasure whatever you’d like! Did you see the little owls perched on top of the candle stick?( I didn’t paint them!) They were salt and pepper shakers from my local Dollar Store that worked perfectly in my blue and orange Fall decor.Cutest little things ever!

If you only have a few pieces of milk glass,make a statement and pair them together in a small grouping or vignette instead of spreading them all out and having them get lost. My best advice for you would be to work in small sections to avoid getting overwhelmed…that’s probably why you hadn’t done a whole lot up there to begin with! Oh and be safe carrying stuff up and down your ladder… On the plus side you will feel like you had an amazing workout the next morning after you spend a few hours going up and down that ladder creating your perfect magazine like soffit! Talk about multitasking! (wink)

Have FUN!

Shabby chic cottage farmhouse decor for above kitchen cabinets

A few glass bottles,glass doorknobs and a fairy sitting in some vintage chandelier crystals made this cottage style grouping.


Vintage Pepsi sign above kitchen cabinet decoration

Vintage metal signs,tins and blue bottles paired with an old metal fan creates a colorful industrial style.






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Reply November 19, 2015

Such great ideas!!

Reply January 12, 2016

So many great ideas here. Definitely will bookmark this. I think these can apply to different things like your mantle, some of your window sills, or if you have a wall shelf somewhere. I think after decorating a kitchen this way it will look so cozy and home-y. I love that!

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    Reply January 20, 2016

    Maria,You are absolutely right! Most of these items I use on my mantle as well! Funny that you mention windowsill décor....I have been toying with the idea of doing a kitchen window décor blog post as well...GREAT minds must think alike! Thank You!

Reply January 13, 2016

These are great ideas. I have had the same decorations about my kitchen cabinets for years and I really need to redo them. This gives me some great ideas of things to look for.

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    Reply January 20, 2016

    Thank you Kara!
    Good luck with your treasure hunting and decorating!

Franci Counihan
Reply May 14, 2016

Tracie! Your ideas have my imagination humming. Thanks for getting me going on this project!!!!


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    Reply July 8, 2016

    Thank You Franci! Good luck on your project! I'd love to see what you come up with!

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