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Does your garden or porch need a little extra sparkle and light? As Fall is upon us and the days are getting shorter,you may find that adding a little extra lighting to your outside living areas is just what you need!

Here’s a really great way for you to add a little unique personality and functionality to your home by simply repurposing an old light fixture into something useful and beautiful!

A few years ago my husband and I purchased an old abandoned 1750’s Farmhouse to renovate and keep as a rental property. That old Farmhouse just so happened to be owned by a hoarder…and for me,a lover of anything junky and old,I was thrilled! It was an exciting yet terrifying time for my husband and I in so many ways… The process of cleaning out that old place was a huge chore to say the least… It took us months of back breaking work to accomplish,but what we found along the way was truly priceless! Not only did we find the true meaning of sweat equity,but along with that we made memories that will last a lifetime and lots of really cool STUFF!

I kept a lot of that “stuff” in hopes of doing who knows what with it…someday!This old light fixture is a perfect example of that “stuff”! I actually had this globe nestled among the Thyme in my herb garden this year,which looked pretty,but with Fall upon us and Winter sadly not to far behind I didn’t want to leave my globe suffer the consequences of a harsh Pennsylvania Winter…so I decided I’d give it a new ( it’s old ) life as a light,back again!

This particular globe still had the metal base attached to it when I found it at the farmhouse.I have no idea how old it is,but it’s sort of like a sparkly,etched style glass with that rusty base so it was a keeper! I’m certain you’d be able to find your own unique light fixture at a flea market or yard sale for probably next to nothing!


This is really such a simple and fun repurpose project. You really only need a globe and a strand of Christmas lights…simple!It’s October so of course the holiday decorations are readily available at almost every store! With that being said,the inexpensive,clear 100ct light strand is all you will need.I chose clear lights,but your possibilities are endless with colored light stands! Imagine the possibilities! Simply… and I mean simply,feed your lights into the base of your globe leaving the plug remaining… I figured I’d mention that just in case,but really this isn’t rocket science! It’s that easy… There you have it! Place it,plug it in and enjoy  your new repurposed globe!



My repurposed globe found a new home atop my old chippy hutch!


This simple and inexpensive little repurposing project makes such a statement!


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