Cabinet makeover

Transform an old curbside find into a chic show stopper with this easy makeover!

A few weeks ago my husband and I were out and about doing some landlord duties…when we came across this beautiful,vintage buffet cabinet left curbside at a local church….I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes! It wasn’t in the best shape…peeling,missing and cracked veneer…it cosmetically looked to be in pretty bad condition.I had been looking for a new piece for my open foyer for quite some time…didn’t think I’d find it in the trash but, YAY me! This little darling was perfect and had my name written all over it! I of course then begged my hubby to stop the truck …he insisted we needed to take care of our errands first…and assured me it would be there upon our return. I personally think he was secretly hoping that someone else might pick it up as it did look to be in pretty bad condition. I felt the anxiety building as we finished our errands…which were literally a block away from where this little beauty stood… We rounded the block…I was afraid it would be gone…but,the old girl was still there! Whew!!!

My husband was thrilled to say the least…actually,he’s usually my biggest fan when it comes to me and my crazy ideas! We loaded her up in the truck… Well,I tried as best I could …me with one extra large bruise on my thigh! Ouch!!! Who knew these old pieces were so darn HEAVY! Honestly…I didn’t care to much about the bruised leg because I was grinning ear to ear with my new find!


I knew it was in rough condition and that it couldn’t ever be restored back to its beautiful antique self… But,I was fine with that! I had other plans! The veneer was missing from the top and chipped in various places. The doors and drawers all worked and it was so super sturdy…that was a huge plus!

I started the transformation by removing  all of the flaking and loose veneer.Veneer is a thin wood overlay glued over top of the base wood. I was able to chip away and use a razor blade in areas to carefully cut away anything that was loose or bubbly.Next,I sanded and scuffed … I honestly didn’t go crazy… I just took down the rough edges and removed what was remaining of the flaking old varnish. After that I wiped the entire piece down allowed her to dry before painting.

Now for the fun part! Let’s paint! I love white furniture…if it sits still long enough here in my home …it gets painted white and this piece wasn’t going to be any different!  My personal favorite paint to achieve this look is BEHR’S® Swiss Coffee paint in a flat finish. Two coats provided me with really great coverage. I’ve always had really great dry time with flat paint and because I was painting inside it was ready for glazing in no time! The glaze that I used on this buffet is Rustoleum’s® Java Brown Glaze. It’s just my favorite and looks fantastic over white! If you’ve never used this product let me just say it’s both FUN and addicting! You will be painting everything white… Like me!!!

I’d suggest working in small areas at a time.Simply brush it over the area,paying close attention to cracks and trim detail. Allow it to set for no longer than about a minute and begin removing it by wiping it with a damp cloth.You may need to rinse your cloth out a few times during this process. Continue with that process until the piece is complete. If you desire a darker look simply leave the glaze on a little while longer and remove less with your damp cloth. You really can’t mess this up! If you’d like to add a matte finish wax to protect your piece you certainly can. I did not on this piece, honestly I usually only use a wax finish on kitchen cabinets in a renovation.

Here is my finished piece! I am absolutly  thrilled at how it turned out! Amazing what a little vision and paint can do! Its not perfect in any way but,I love it and I’m so thankful she didn’t end up at the local dump!

Repurposed buffet cabinet

Its absolutly perfect for my foyer!!!


Before- removing the veneer and sanding.

Vintage hardware

The old hardware-  I didn’t do a thing to the original patina! Love it!


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