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Do you have some of Granny’s old doilies stashed away somewhere? Well,if you do maybe you’d consider making this super easy Halloween craft!Wouldn’t it be nice to have them enjoyed by your family at least once a year instead of collecting dust in storage?

This is a level 1 DIY project–Meaning on my scale of 1-4 in difficulty this one is a piece of cake! Anyone can certainly do this with just a few things.


•Doily of your choice

•Embroidery Hoop (vintage metal or new)

•Small black plastic spider ( mine had a clip attachment)


•glue (if needed)



I used a lacy cotton doily that could easily be stretched in my embroidery hoop.Find the pattern in your doily that is pleasing to your eye and stretch it so it’s snug in your hoop.I wanted mine off center a bit and not so perfect looking in my hoop.I was lucky enough to have a few vintage metal hoops laying around,but you could use a modern wooden or plastic hoop and paint it your desired color. The possibilities are endless! Next,I simply trimmed around the back of the doily leaving about 1/4 inch of fabric around the hoop just so it doesn’t slip out.You could run a bead of hot glue around the edge of your hoop if your concerned about it slipping out. If you don’t want to cut your doily you could tuck it in the back of your hoop,but if it’s a loose open pattern,like the one I used,you might see it behind there. Finally,attach your tiny black spider and there you have it! My little spider had a tiny clip on the back which made it super easy to attach. You could use a spider ring too and maybe just pop it into the holes in your doily.If you care to not cut up your Grannies vintage doily,then I suggest myabe checking out yard sales and flea markets for them! Maybe grab a few if they’re cheap enough because I have a few more cute DIY doily crafts to share with you in my future posts!

Here’s a tip-

Want to keep your spider web craft up all year round?Simply remove your little spider for a sweet cottage chic wall hanging!

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