Druzy Pendant

Druzy jewelry anyone?Who can resist the sparkle and beauty of an eye-catching druzy crystal pendant? If you love them as much as I do then I have a really fun and easy DIY project for you!

This past Christmas I needed a few small but thoughtful gifts for a a bunch of kids in a wide range of ages…I wanted to keep it simple and easy yet thoughtful on my part, but obviously something cool and fun for them to receive! The age range of kids were anywhere from 3 to 18 years old…what do you buy for them!? You’re drawing a blank too,RIGHT? Well,I got to thinking…What about GEODES?

Not just any geodes…how about crack your own million year old, rock like-geodes! This was clearly the answer to my gift dilemma! The kids,as they opened their gifts,were all pretty much stumped as to why they were  getting a rock as gift!!! I honestly think that their faces when they opened a “rock” was just about as priceless as when they cracked them open to discover the unbelievable beauty of what was inside!

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I guess I should make a small disclaimer before I go any further….all of my geodes came from my Aunt Jean and Uncle Jim Beys Rock Shop !I’ve been familiar with geodes pretty much my entire life.I always thought about giving them as gifts,but never got around to it until now!  If you’re interested in your very own Moroccan or Mexican geodes they are available here on their website. They range in price from $2.00 to $35.00 each. They make great gifts! 🙂

To say the least the kids-of all ages-LOVED them! Success!

What about the jewelry? Almost there… As much as everyone loved their new gifts…I looked at the pieces of sparkling crystals and with the creative wheels in my head starting to spin and immediately envisioned jewelry! The boys however,were happy with putting their geodes in the fish tank or perching a dinosaur on top of it….but the girls,especially the teens,and I were thinking jewelry!

Here’s the fun part…

Druzy Pendant


  1. Small pendant size pieces of geodes (whatever is comfortable size to wear)
  2. polymer clay/white -softened
  3. eye pins
  4. gold/silver leaf and adhesive
  5. paint brush
I chose pieces of geodes that weren’t to curvy on the rough side since I wanted them to kind hang nicely as a pendant…I figured the less curvy the  better  for this project. Obviously,each piece is different and you can choose whichever you like. Using enough of your softened polymer clay, simply wrap the back and sides of your geode.Do not get the polymer clay into the crystals…you may not be able to get it out! Not good! I’d recommend your clay be about an 1/8 inch (or slightly more) in thickness to form the clay bezel for your druzy pendant. Simply mold the clay around the back of the piece so that it fits securely around it. After your druzy is set you will want to insert an eye hook into the clay. Starting at the top of your pendant running it through the clay and almost to the bottom of your new pendant. Trim the eye hook accordingly so that you don’t have any sharp tips protruding through your clay, You can add small beads to your eyehook as well if you’d like a little added sparkle.I baked my pendant at 250 degree for 15 minutes in a small toaster oven that I use for my polymer clay projects. Follow your particular clays manufactures instructions to ensure the best results. After your piece has been baked and completely cool you can apply your gold or silver leaf. Working in small areas,paint on the adhesive and simply layer your leaf covering the polymer clay. I’d recommend working around the front and sides of your pendant first and allowing that to dry thoroughly then flipping it over and leafing the back.Add your new druzy pendant to any necklace or simple ball chain and there you have it! Your very own one of a kind DIY druzy pendant!
Thank you for spending a little Island time with me today!


geodes DIY Druzy pendant

DIY Druzy crystal pendant

DIY Druzy pendant


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