Basil Preserved in Olive Oil

fresh basil in olive oil

If you grew all those fabulous herbs that you Pinned earlier this Spring,then you will certainly need to start thinking about preserving them before it’s to late!

A few years ago I started a small kitchen herb garden just off my kitchen porch. It’s perfect because it which makes herb gathering and usage  super easy during my meal prep.

This year I had an absolute bounty of sweet basil which I’m thrilled about..what’s not to loves about fresh basil?! love using it in Italian tomato salad,homemade sauces,meatballs..and fresh pesto too… Can’t forget homemade pesto! I’ll be sharing my personal pesto recipe with you later in the week.

So,over the past few days I find myself deadheading more and more seeds from the tops of my basil plants.My chickens absolutely love the seeds, but I know it’s time to think about preserving some of it before its forgotten withered away.

The easiest most simple way to keep your fresh basil over the next few months or even longer is to simply  pack it in extra virgin olive oil. Yes,its really that easy!

Here’s what you’ll need-

Fresh Basil about 3-4 cups

Extra virgin olive oil

1 Tbsp.Sea Salt

1 Wide mouth Mason jar with plastic lid.

I usually always harvest my fresh herbs first thing in the morning wash them and allow them to thoroughly dry. I’d recommend shaking them and then wrap them in a kitchen towel for an hour or two till completely dry.Remove any discolored or torn leaves,you want to make sure it looks as good as it’s going to taste! Also remove any seeds or woody stems.Gently pack your Basil into the jar,the wide mouth jar allows you to easily pack it,but any jar that seals would be fine.Add a sprinkle of Sea Salt as you work your way to the top of the jar. Slowly add the extra virgin olive oil allowing it time to fill in the gaps of the leaves. I usually leave about 1/2 inch head space at the top of the jar. Seal with a plastic lid and refrigerate. Easy,right?!

When you need to use your basil just simply remove the desired amount and place it in a bowl on your counter for a few minutes for the oil to soften a bit.Olive oil does solidify a bit when refrigerated,but it will certainly soften into its normal state in a few minutes while you’re preparing your meal.Oh wait,it gets better..the oil that your beautiful,sweet basil is being preserved in is also being infused with with its essence and will be the absolute best oil for you to use in your dishes! 


Preserving fresh Basil in Olive Oil from your kitchen herb garden

My tiny kitchen door herb garden








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