Pepper Shooters

My very own, tried and true recipe using fresh peppers from my garden.

~Delicious Hot Pepper Shooters~

Is your garden overflowing with hot peppers?

I certainly hope so,because I have the best hot pepper shooter recipe to share with you! This is my very own,tried and true recipe for these little darlings using fresh from the garden, not store bought,dull peppers in a jar from a store shelf…nope not quite the same! These are crunchy and bright and absolutely delicious!

So here’s what you’ll need-

•Hot Cherry Peppers (Approximately 50 fresh peppers)

•1/2 lb of prosciutto,thinly sliced

•3/4 provolone cut into chunks

•1 1/2 cups white vinegar

•2 cups water

•1/3 cup canning/pickling salt

•1 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

•gloves-let’s not be silly and forget to protect your hands …wear the gloves!


The first step is to clean and core all of the peppers cutting around the stem to allow as much pepper as possible. You are wearing your gloves…right?!

The second step to making these is to brine them for two days.I know its difficult to wait two whole days to indulge,but they need to pickle a bit before we get to the stuffing part!


To make the brine,simply combine the water,salt and vinegar and stir til the salt has thoroughly dissolved. You can use any kind of covered container you’d like.I have some vintage milk glass covered dishes that I use but anything covered will do. Refrigerate for two days,stirring occasionally if you’d like to make sure they’re all soaking evenly.

After those two days of soaking use a slotted spoon to transfer your shooters from the brine to a plate. DO NOT drain or discard your brine! You will need that later.Simply wrap about 1/4 slice of prosciutto around a chunk of cheese and gently stuff it inside of your pepper. I am kind of particular in getting the meat neatly stuffed into my pepper like a little present,but quite honestly they may not last long enough for anyone to really care about how ” neat” they look!As I stuff them,I drop the shooters into mason jars. After the jar is full I add about 3/4 brine back to the jar and top off the remaining with olive oil. Close them, refrigerate and enjoy them!! If you want to serve them immediately simply plate them and drizzle them with olive oil!


*These are not in any way canned or preserved so eat them within about 10 days.


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