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Now that the holidays are over and all of my Christmas decorations are neatly packed away…well,maybe not so neatly…but,at least they are away…Thank goodness! I find my home looking bare…the shelves and walls that were recently covered with flowing garlands.twinkling lights and everything else that screams Christmas are now kinda boring and in need of a little decorative help!

Because we love traveling so much here at Island Life For Me… I thought that this travel inspired paper wreath that I created from old world atlas pages would be a perfect addition to my homes décor!

This project costs very little to make,,,I think I picked up the wreath form with a 40% off coupon at my local craft store for under $3.00! The only other supplies I used were the glue sticks which I think I may have used about 25 total..and the Atlas pages were free….so all in all a very cheap statement piece for your home! I was about to donate a few of these giant old Atlas’s to my  local book drop when I thought repurosing them into a wreath would be a great way to reuse them…after all…Does anyone use an atlas anymore? I highly doubt it-so I put them to use!

I loved the way the pale, shades of blues,greens,and creamy natural tones all mixed together in this wreath. My new favorite color has been that pale vintage aqua color…I haven’t been brave enough to use the color on walls just yet,but I love using it as an accent color and this wreath project is no different! Lets head on over to my kitchen island and start this project!


1) 100 sheets of Atlas paper measuring 4×6

2) 50 sheets of Atlas paper measuring 3×3

3) 10 inch Styrofoam wreath form

4) hot glue gun/ glue sticks

5) pencil

6) wire or ribbon for hanging

DIY Map Wreath imageimageimage


To begin your paper wreath you will want to start with your larger pieces of paper and gently but firmly wrap a sheet around your pencil’s eraser end and create a cone. Once you’ve created your cone you want to cover the tip of the paper cone with hot glue and give it a good poking into your wreath form. Again,be firm but don’t go to crazy that you break your form! You really only need to get the paper poked into your form about an inch and a half or so. You can see by the photos that I began by filling the papers around the wreaths perimeter. Simply continue around the wreath form,keeping your papers as tight as possible ensuring no gaps. Use the smaller paper pieces to fill the inside and the outer edge of the wreath. You can use the same size throughout the entire wreath but I like the look of adding the smaller sheets…the larger sheets close in the center of the wreath to much in my opinion…Its really up to you as to which you prefer…there is no wrong way! Continue working around your wreath until your form is completely full. You’ll need to attach some sort of hanger to your beautiful new wreath.You can  use either a piece of ribbon or wire like I did with this particular wreath. Which ever you choose just be sure you use a good amount of hot glue to ensure that it’s well fastened. These wreathes although they are made from paper they do have quite a bit of weight to them! You’ll notice that I also covered the back of my wreath with a leftover piece of paper just to make it look a little bit more pretty.

image paper wreath

There you have it! Easy right!

Old sheet music works really well with this style wreath as well!

Thanks for spending a little island time with me today!









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