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Here’s a really cute way to turn any ordinary postcard into a framed keepsake souvenir!

I’m sure you have a few postcards from a favorite vacation tucked away somewhere.Maybe a few from a family trip,a much needed romantic getaway,or maybe a vintage postcard that you found at the fleamarket that you just had to have!I buy postcards as keepsakes when I travel,but personally haven’t sent a postcard in years! It’s so much easier with social media nowadays to share all of our travel pics and vacation memories that most of us don’t actually send postcards. I must admit though I do occasionally send those “postcard” coconuts to the kids in my life when I travel,they are so fun for littles to receive,but rarely an actual postcard!

I love when I check into my resort or hotel and find a few complimentary postcards on the nightstand or table. Sometimes they aren’t exactly a postcard that you would buy,but hey they’re free and you might as well tuck them in your bag and take them along home…some might get hung on the refrigerator,some may find their way into the scrapbook bin or maybe even some sadly in the junk drawer. Well,here’s a super cute and easy way to keep your vacation memories displayed so that you can enjoy them day after day!



This is definitely a level 1 craft and would be great for the kids to help with too! What kid wouldn’t love to sprinkle glitter?!



•white craft glue

•small brush or toothpick

•glitter – your choice of colors

•frame to fit your postcard (Dollar store)

• shoebox to use to apply glitter

Let’s get started-

I chose this postcard that was left in our room when my family and I spent this past New Years holiday in the Florida Keys,at the amazingly beautiful Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada. I really liked the look of the postcard because it was bright and colorful,but I wanted to make it just a little more special… So why not add some sparkle with glitter?!

Start with the color of glitter that you will be using the most of. For my postcard I chose green as my main color for the Palm trees and plants in the foreground.I followed that by using silver for the tiki torches and then touches of other colors for the flowers etc.Simply paint your glue on your card as if highlighting focal areas. Keeping it simple with outlines or dots is really all you need to do. Once you’ve applied your glue, hold your postcard over your shoebox and sprinkle with your desired first color. Repeat with the other colors of glitter. Tap the back of your postcard to remove all excess glitter in between colors.Allow your card to dry completely before framing. I found a simple 3×5 frame to fit my postcard at my local dollar store.

Now you have a personalized fun little vacation souvenir to fondly display every day!The best part about this DIY project is that it is so easy to make and costs you next to nothing to make!

Thanks for spending a little “kitchen” island time crafting with me today!

Cheeca Lodge

~Holiday Palm trees at the grand entrance at Cheeca Lodge~








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