Rustic dry erase message board

Need a little help keeping your home in check? How about a super easy, rustic style dry erase message board to keep your  home and family a little more organized? I have just the right inexpensive and easy DIY project just for you!

I love repurposing old items into useful and pretty things! This project uses a simple frame or an old picture that may no longer fit with your decor.You probably have something in the garage or storage that would be perfect for this project!The best part about this project is that it’s super inexpensive to make too! Here’s a list of what you’ll need to create your own personal rustic style message board.


• An old frame or a picture that you no longer use. You could pick up something at a flea market or yard sale as well. Any size frame  will work too!

•Burlap to fit the inside area of your frame. This is usually the cardboard insert that is under the glass in the frame.Allow about an inch or two extra around the perimeter so that you can glue it more easily.

• Hot glue gun and glue sticks

• Dry erase marker

• Desired paint color



You want to start off by dissembling your frame. Remove the backing and glass or plexiglass. Paint your frame your desired color. I painted mine that (really popular) cream color with a dark glaze. I’ll share my secret paint recipe on how to achieve this look at the bottom of this post.You want to place your cardboard frame backing or insert onto your burlap and cut about an inch or two around the perimeter.Cut out small squares at the corner of your burlap.


Cutting the corners will simply make your corners fit nicely when glueing it to your cardboard.Use hot glue to fasten the burlap to your cardboard. Gently stretch your burlap to prevent any wrinkles.

Diy Rustic Dry Erase board







After your finished glueing your burlap securely to your cardboard go ahead and reassemble your frame.

You’ve done it! No dry erase paint needed for this project,just a simple dry erase marker!I picked up a pack of dry erase markers at my local Dollar store which made this project super inexpensive to make.

The great thing about this easy DIY project is that you can use any fabric you like for your background and paint the frame any color you like!

The possibilities are pretty much endless!

Here’s a few ideas~

• Menu boards

• To do lists

• Vacation or holiday countdowns

• Calendars

• Chore board

The frame~If you’re interested in achieving the same look of the antique white painted frame that I’ve created here for my message board then follow my simple instructions.

Start by painting your frame with 2-3 coats of BEHR’s® Swiss Coffee paint in a flat finish.Allow your paint to dry completely.In small areas brush on Rustoleum® Transformations Decorative Glaze in Java Brown. You’ll want to apply this quickly and remove it almost as quick… Remember this is flat paint so it’s very porous and will absorb the glaze fast.Make certain you get the Java glaze into all of the detail of your frame as that’s what is going to give you the contrasting antiqued detail you are looking for. Using a damp cloth,gently wipe off the excess glaze. Do not scrub your painted frame to hard as you could remove your paint as well… Trust me I’ve done it and it’s not the end of the world but you do have to repair your painted areas if this happens.

Here's how you can achieve the same look!

This is such a popular look and style nowadays! I’ve used this paint recipe and technique to paint large furniture pieces as well as an entire kitchen in one of my rental home renovations. It’s a great way to give an old piece of furniture or old kitchen cabinets an updated look! I’d strongly recommend that you use a protective finishing wax on any large pieces to ensure lasting wear and durability!

Hope you enjoyed this project!

Hey,and thanks for spending a little “kitchen” island time with me today!







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