Salt and Pepper shakers from travel size bottles

The next time you order an inflight cocktail you may look at your tiny travel size bottles in a new way!


On a recent flight out to Hawaii,from my seat 7-A (only those of you who listen to Country music will understand that one)…I decided to indulge in a little inflight cocktail…hours of flying over the Pacific and a lame inflight  movie had definitely taken its toll on me! As I sipped I looked at my tiny little bottles of Titos® in a new way! Thinking to myself…they’d make the cutest salt and pepper shakers ever! As funny as it may seem I thought they’d be really cute and free …well not really free… but whatever! I sipped and stuffed them in my carry-on and brought them home. Quite honestly I forgot about them until a few weeks ago!


These are so easy to make! Simply rinse and dry your tiny travel size bottles. I used a metal skewer to pierce holes into the caps. I chose 3 holes for the salt shaker and 2 for the pepper. You can make them however you’d like. You want to gently push into the top of the cap so that the metal turns inward and is smooth to the touch. These particular bottles have metal caps which made them super easy to pierce. I have seen some bottles that have plastic lids. They may require a little more elbow grease to get holes through. Simply fill and enjoy!

These are really cute to have out for your next backyard  bbq or to take along as a cute little hostess gift!

Thanks for joining me again at my kitchen island!







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