Spicy Pickled Green Tomatoes

      Spicy Pickled Green Tomatoes

 Have any green tomatoes in your garden?Are you craving the crunchy and tart,deli style taste of a spicy,pickled green tomato? I hope so…because I have the perfect recipe just for you!

My poor ( not so ) little tomato plants are still hanging on to life and are full of green fruit…now that we’re in mid October,there’s no chance of them turning red and making it on my salad! No worries! We are going to turn them into something super delicious! So,before the frost claims the last bit of them I decided it’s time to pick whatever was remaining and get busy making one of my family favorites! If there are tomatoes still left on your vines you should certainly try this… seriously…it’s really quite simple and so very tasty… You won’t be disappointed! After all they’ll just go to waste and who wants to waste food!

This recipe yields 4 quart jars of delicious spicy,crunchy,pickled green tomatoes.Lets head to the kitchen island and get started!

Here’s what you’ll need~

6 lbs -Green tomatoes any size or variety.

16 -hot peppers jalapeño or cherry sliced (wear gloves)

12 – cloves of garlic (peeled)

20 -peppercorns

8 -springs of fresh or frozen dill weed

5 -cups water

4 – cups distilled vinegar 5% acidity

1/2 – cup pickling salt

4 – quart jars


  1. Clean and dry your tomatoes thouroughly. Remove any spots or any tomatoes that are starting to ripen as they won’t be crisp. Put those tomatoes on the window sill to ripen. Slice cherry tomatoes in half and quarter larger tomatoes. I’d suggest keeping them in wedges or chunks to keep them crunchy and crisp. I’m not a fan of soft and or mushy pickles or tomatoes!
  2. Have your quart jars and rings sterilized,clean and hot.Your dishwasher can do all of that for you…Easy enough!
  3. Divide garlic, frozen or fresh dill  and a few peppercorns to each hot jar.
  4. Prepare your brine by bringing salt,vinegar and water to a low boil stirring to dissolve salt.
  5. Fill your quart jars with green tomatoes. Pack them in as tight as you can.
  6. Fill your jars with your brine allowing 1/4 inch head space at the top of your jar. Use a wood skewer to poke the tomatoes down into the jar to help release any air bubbles before sealing.Wipe the rim of your jar to ensure a clean surface for the lid to adhere. Place lids and rings.

This is a cold packing method which ensures your spicy,pickled green tomatoes will be crunchy and crisp as opposed to a hot packed method which would process your tomatoes resulting in them being soft. Allow your spicy,pickled green tomatoes to seal and cool. Refridgerate them after two days and enjoy them within 3 months. I’m pretty sure they won’t last that long! These are tasty treats to take along to a party or have out over the holidays! No doubt your guests will be impressed and really enjoy them!

Thanks again for spending a little kitchen island time with me today!







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