Plant Jewelry

I love the idea of adding a touch of sparkle and character wherever I can around my home and gardens! Who wouldn’t love a little sparkling plant bling to dress up your container gardens and flower beds!

                                Birdhouse with vintage jewelry garden stakes

I’ll be honest…I adore vintage pieces of costume jewelry and have been collecting all types for many, years. I love the challenge of heading off to the local flea market on a Sunday morning in search of tiny vintage jewelry treasures!

Through the years I’ve made my fair share of repurposed jewelry pieces…even used my stash to decorate a few Christmas trees during the holidays. But…I have lots of other pieces still tucked away in storage just waiting for that next DIY project. Well,being an avid gardener and a lover of nautical and shabby chic décor I came up with a great way to incorporate the two in a super easy DIY project with endless possibilities!

For this project I chose two different themes….one is of course a nautical theme using shell and starfish  jewelry pieces and the other is a mix of rhinestone pieces that simply reminded me of flowers. If by chance you’re thinking of using Granny’s vintage broach that you’ve had tucked away for years to add bling to your flower pots…don’t! I’d hesitate to use any really important family heirloom pieces as they may not ever be the same after being exposed to the elements of being outside or the hot glue gun! You knew that… I just needed to add that little disclaimer! whew…

Here are a few simple things that you’ll need to make your own sparkly plant jewelry~

  • Vintage earrings or pins of your choice
  • skewers
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • metal nippers
                              Vintage jewelry plant stakes

Gather your choice of earrings or pins.I like to use the ones that may be a little concave on the back side to hold a good amount of hot glue. Nip off any extra clips,pins or earring posts on the back side of your jewelry piece if you need to. I found that I only needed to remove the clip piece from the old style clip earrings but go ahead and use your judgement on that. Next,apply a generous amount of hot glue on the back side of your jewelry piece and insert the blunt end of a skewer.You may have to hold it in place for a few minutes or you can prop it up next to a coffee mug handle. Once the glue hardens you can go ahead and place them right into your flower pots! So cute and so easy!

The possibilities are endless as you can imagine! Vintage jewelry comes in all kinds of style,themes and colors.You could also add one single jewelry pick to personalize a gift as well!


Thanks for joining me at my kitchen island today!






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